Make Your Home Your Own

Make Your Home Your Own
Cost: £395

Renovating or redecorating, starting from scratch or sprucing up your space? With our expert help and guidance, we’ll turn any size of project into a breeze!

Whether you need inspiration and ideas, you know the look that you want to achieve or are feeling overwhelmed with such a variety of great choices, then this is the package for you.

From putting a unique stamp on your own home, developing a rental property or making the most of a holiday house, we’ll help guide you through the process of choosing the perfect colour palette to suit your needs.

We’ll ensure that each room is brilliantly brought to life with carefully considered colour solutions to suit each space regardless of the scope of your project, your budget or your style.

We’re able to recommend the right people to get the job done well and, as independent consultants we’re able to give you super suggestions. From the perfect paint colours to floorings and furnishings, and for great suppliers and brands that will suit you best when it comes to making your home your own.

Package Includes:

  • Your consultation will begin with a pre-appointment questionnaire to start finding out a little about your project which will help determine what you’re looking for and how best we can help.
  • During your 2 hour home visit we’ll be able to look at colour schemes for three rooms. We’ll listen to your ideas, discover the look you’re hoping to achieve and the way you use the spaces.
  • Whilst with you we’ll suggest colour schemes and options, factoring in considerations such as the available light, your current furnishings and the period and architecture of your home.
  • Following your consultation, we do all the research and then send you a comprehensive lookbook with a moodboards for each space. This will include at least two personalised colour recommendations for you to consider, detailing suppliers and prices.
  • We’ll also send you: paint charts, fabric and flooring samples, and specifications for decorators.
  • Where appropriate we can arrange for sample paint colours to be sent directly to you.
  • Finally, we’ll follow up with a further 1 hour home visit.

*Please note: we can tailor this package to your needs and add rooms on at a discounted rate.

What clients have said:

“We moved into our new house and realised we’d taken on a bigger project than we had bargained on! Feeling overwhelmed we got in touch with Ruth. She helped us work through how we were going to use the space, and she chatted with us about the feel we wanted in our home room by room. After looking through all the magazine inspiration we had been collecting too it felt as if she brought order to our chaos! Her advice allowed us move forward with lists of exactly what we needed and a colour scheme for the house as a whole. It’s still a work in progress but we couldn’t have got this far without her expertise.”

Add Ons: (Options for every package)

A Helping Hand – Personal Shopping With You For Your Home

Our personal shopping service for your home will give you a helping hand, make shopping stress free as well as freeing up precious time.Whether it’s high end or high street we always have brilliant ideas of where you can find clever buys and perfect purchases for your home! Our expert eye will be able to pick out items that will work with your colour scheme and style making shopping effortless.

We’ll meet you instore, help you find what you need and be able to make super suggestions along the way.

The perfect addition to any colour package!

Cost Per Hour: TBC