About Cobalt

Cobalt is a colour consultancy providing expert colour advice and inspiration for your wardrobe and your home.

We know that colour is transformative. It impacts your day to day and has the potential to bring life, vibrancy and enjoyment to your home and the spaces that you live in, as well as your wardrobe.

Whether you want to discover the colours, the shades and the tones that suit you best to wear or if you need help picking the perfect hues for your home; we can help!

We know from my experience that great colour choices will make you feel confident in the clothes you wear, hold your head that little bit higher and help you feel brilliant about being you. Every person is wonderfully unique and colour is therefore very personal. We believe in a world full of great possibilities when it comes to colour and we want to help you make the most of them.

About Me

I bring a wealth of experience to Cobalt as a colour specialist through my background in fashion and retail, business and the visual arts.

A creative thread and interest in people runs through all I do and I’m passionate about helping people celebrate life, gain confidence and find joy in the everyday. ’m fortunate now to be able to use so much of my experience and expertise doing so as a colour consultant.

After studying Law in Aberdeen, I came home to go to Edinburgh Art College. Having started off as a painter, I went on to complete a degree in visual communications and have a BA (Hons) in Photography.

I worked as a professional photographer on commercial jobs shooting fashion and interiors, alongside advertising and editorial work for public relations and magazines before taking up a position as an artist in residence.

As a photographer, I have always worked with light and colour. Whether styling a shoot or capturing a moment, working with imagery day to day teaches you to see in so many different ways.

I’m fortunate to have been able to take my creativity, and these strategic and considered ways of looking, into other contexts. I was executive director of a charity for many years, helped initiate, develop and deliver national leadership programs and have worked as a
consultant with businesses and small charities. I still enjoy spending time working one to one with individuals as a mentor.

In my free time, I love spending time with friends, drinking coffee and escaping the city to be by the sea. I’m a bit of an adventurer but as much as I love to travel and have worked in various spots around the world, Edinburgh will always be home.

If I’m not hunting down the perfect addition to a client’s interior colour scheme or scouting out the best of the latest fashion trends, I’m normally busy working on a little creative project or two!


My Values


We celebrate the individual and believe every person is wonderfully unique and that colour is personal. We believe in a world full of possibilities and want for everyone to have the courage to stand that little bit taller.


We will always be open and honest and tell you the truth. We are never blunt in delivery, but sensitive and genuine in what we say and how we speak. We are proud to be both kind and straight talking, and we champion this in others.


We want every day to be tangibly better and will use all of our expertise and knowledge to help make a real and positive difference in peoples’ lives. We strive to do things in the best way possible and in a way the will bring the best outcome we can deliver and the most benefit to our clients.


We want to inspire others and showcase great ideas. Whether through our choice of pictures and word, the way we work, the conversations and collaborations that we have, or how we style we always push the boundaries to see what is possible.


We believe in living life to the full, and enjoying a world full of vitality and vibrancy. We know that colour has an impact on wellbeing and the way we experience life day to day. We promote wellbeing and wellness through colour to help people find joy and happiness in their life.


We know from personal experience that the everyday can be a struggle. We want to spark hope and confidence because with them comes a renewed energy and happiness. We will be client’s encouragement and back up when you need it, and we will help you celebrate your wonderful everyday.

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